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Our Vision

Our Vision is to assist people in re-connecting to their own souls, the spiritual dimension of our planet, and the source of life, and through this, we are building the foundations for a culture of peace to grow from this sacred connection. 

The future of humanity and our beloved planet depends on our ability to reconnect with the spirit of the Earth. 

We all have the ability to access the spiritual world within us and the Earth. Through developing a personal relationship with the divine source and the soul of the Earth, we have an opportunity to engage in deep personal transformation and liberate the soul to make decisions. It is through this process of reconnecting that we can begin to transform the places inside ourselves that are not peaceful and need healing. This is an important step towards building the foundations for inner and outer peace.

As more of us begin to reawaken this connection within us, collaborations between us can develop new ways of living that integrate the constantly evolving spirit of the Universe and the spiritual dimension of the Earth into our daily life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help bring peace through a sacred re-connection with and direct experience of the spirit of the Earth.

Our work includes the following:

  • Educating people and society about an issue that affects the lives of all living things on Earth. This entails our ability to perceive and experience the potent processes of the spiritual evolution of the Universe, the Earth, and humanity. Through our current ways of living, we have forgotten and lost our connection with this realm that gives life.

  • Facilitating group and individual processes that reconnect ourselves and our culture to the spiritual dimension of the Earth.  Through that process, we can discover the identity of our souls, and learn how to live with spiritual development in the center of daily life. 


  • Training people in the following:

    • Spiritual development – how to start research of your own inner spiritual system, your soul, your patterns and family energetic/emotional lineage, how to connect to and perceive the invisible spirit within you, the Earth, and people. How you can start your spiritual development with direct relationship to the source/Earth

    • Soul – discover who you are as a soul, what is its developmental trajectory, the importance of the current circumstances in this, and the important experiences to remember from past lives

    • Learn how to perceive the spiritual dimension, how to enter it and how to live in it and with it

    • Align with the Earth by experiencing her live spiritual processes that are reflected within each of us, balance out those aspects within, and enter into a process of constant spiritual development 


  • Offering community events as a place to experience a live connection with the Earth, and deepen relationships with self, other people, the Earth and nature ​

Have We Fallen Asleep?

A slideshow about what it means to reconnect with the Earth's spiritual world

Kids Running
Group Planting a Tree
Forest Trees
Family Farming
Walk in the Wild
Changing Our Orientation 

Human beings are part of Earth’s living system, however, through our ways of living, we have forgotten our place within the whole and have sealed ourselves off from this abundant world that gives us meaning and a sense of belonging in this life. 

This world cannot be accessed through the logical mind.​ We can't think our way back into the whole. We can only access it by consciously going into our bodies, bypassing our minds and feeling our way through the experience of reconnecting with the spiritual world within us and the Earth.

This process of discovering and experiencing requires a lot of practice, as we are relearning how to get in touch with the live stream of life energy.

Great Opportunity - Changing the Course - a Great Reconnection

We have the capacity to learn how to actively participate in our spiritual evolution, transform old patterns and live in union with our planet and all the beings within it, in nature, and within the Earth. We can see each other as souls within the physical body, start to relate on that level, and create new ways of living that would spur out of that sacred relationship with the self, each other, the Earth, and the source of life. 

Through these processes, one reestablishes a direct relationship with the source and experiences how we are all connected and part of the same spirit that connects everything. We gain deeper understanding and experience of our human connection, how everyone is equally important. We gain understanding of Earth’s sacred life energy that supports all life on the planet.

Through this practice, we become equipped with crucial experience that helps us change how we act – we stop destroying the Earth, we stop abusing women, we stop the competition and dominance over resources, we stop putting pressure on our children, and start collaborating, building a platform for peace, for ways of life that support who we are as souls, and how we are connected through the spirit. We start living our daily lives with that sacred connection and our human connection in the center of life and live out of that sacred respect to life and one another.

Our Responsibility

Our responsibility at this time is to reconnect with our origin, remember our sacred identity as a soul, engage with the world of the ancestors, and to discover the inner language of communicating with the spiritual dimension of the Earth.

Learning this inner language is one of many steps needed for spiritual development and for the path of the soul to be in the center of life.

The future of relationships, ecology, equality, and peace all hinge on this reconnection and reorientation. This step can set the stage in altering our current anthropocentric approach to life into a spirit-centered worldview where we experience ourselves as one with the spirit. 

Meet the Team!

Andrej Loncar

Executive Director


April Phillips


Bob Froelich

President of the Board 

Maja Loncar



Barbara Mroczkowski



Melanie Schauwecker



Lief Hollowell


Kimberly Urrea


Damir Jesic

Board of Directors

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