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What would it mean if our lives were centered around spiritual connection?

The Big Picture

What does it mean to move into a life centered on connection to the divine source of life, the earth's soul and ourselves as a soul? What does it mean to live in a culture that places our spiritual connection at the center? 

The “fundamentals” of our current life scope follow a soul’s entry and life within the human experience – human body and world, and the experience of the Earth’s spiritual dimension. The soul encounters the context of our current way of life within family, the society of survival, the givens of its physical body and all it carries emotionally, and from the ancestral line.


The soul carries with itself its past experiences, as well as its developmental trajectory. Our search for who we are as a soul and entry and exploration of the Earth’s spiritual dimension are the most fundamental aspects of life in the human form. 

The process of connection begins with the individual, working to consciously enter within with your attention, to feel and perceive how the invisible world of the earth wants to communicate with you. To do this, you cannot bring ideas and concepts of ‘how’ this world works with you, instead it has to be a process free of personal opinion in terms of how reality is or isn’t.


As your attention descends within you, challenges may come as we work to feel and perceive our connection to the divine source and earth. You may want to control and manipulate the process as opposed to move with what it gives you. This work will take time, diligence and patience, as this work is like learning a new language, one that is not readily available due to how we collectively live with our competitive and acquisitive nature. 

The earth’s various expressions through different landscapes can help us spiritually evolve as you work to deepen your process and navigate your spiritual path as a soul as you continue to feel into what it is your soul needs to grow. 

We can learn to relate soul to soul as opposed to through the "conditioned" self and projections of the mind. If conflicts arise, it is important to look within, to experience what the conflict personally is showing you. This is an opportunity to transform an old behavior or unconscious pattern. It is from this standpoint, we learn to act from a connected place within, as opposed to unconsciously acting.

How does your soul want to express and engage with the world? What does your life energy want to do?

We can learn to live and move with the life pulse of the spirit.

Artwork By April Phillips

Through live connection with each other, the earth, and the universe, we begin to feel how community wants to form, how business occurs if at all, and how ecology changes. It is a world that learns to perceive, move and act out of this live touch, a world much different than what we have today.

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