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Donate to support projects that cultivate peace and connection with the spiritual world of the Earth and benefit all life forms on our planet.

If you prefer to send a check:


65 Ross Ave.  Apt. A

San Anselmo, CA 94960

We appreciate your help in creating a foundation

for peace and connection!

Current and Upcoming Projects: 

Our projects provide practical tools for personal and societal transformation – a prerequisite for peace.

  • Documentary Film: Foundations for a Culture of Peace - a stepping stone for important future projects that can help birth new ways of living in sync with the spiritual dimension.

  • Living Earth Magazine

  • Workshops – guiding people to experience ways to reconnect with the soul and the Earth 

  • Children – developing new ways to work with children in schools that would allow them to foster their inner connection on the soul level and to develop many new abilities

  • Community Events – community events where we come together to share and participate in exercises that help us connect with our origin, and to heal and grow

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