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Frequently Asked Questions

Are we not connected to the Earth anyways?

Unfortunately, not any longer! Through our way of living, and throughout several millenniums, we have withdrawn ourselves from the reach of the spiritual dimension of the Earth.


Can relationship with Earth be based on expression of gratitude and acknowledgment?
That is a good start. What is needed after that is entering a dialogue and a direct experience of Earth’s energies within us. In this way we can start to live with the Earth’s spiritual evolution processes, to start to recognize them, to work with them and the development that they reveal, to bring them into our life every day, into life of community, to be guided by the Earth as we are inevitably within her living sphere. So beyond acknowledgment and gratitude we need to enter this exchange, to enter and participate in this live process that is streaming through us all the time (and currently stays unnoticed by people).


How can we reconnect?
We have to access our connection with this essential world within us first, pass all the layers of past knowledge and voices of the past, projections of reality, our perception of reality and illusion, and all the way to the crevice of the soul, and then reach to the source of life of the Universe and the soul of the Earth so that we can become visible and accessible to their full touch.


Is it challenging to reconnect?
Like anything else that is worth purposing, it may take some effort to reach the depths of the spiritual dimension. And the process is usually beautiful, rewarding, emotional, live, and real. We have to start somewhere. Every step in that direction means a lot to you and to the future generations. So, it might be a good idea to take the step, to start reconnecting, and gaining experiences how it feels within you, within your life energy.


Why should we work to reconnect in this way?
Reconnecting would allow us to live a most fulfilling life as we get closer to living as one with the source and the Earth. And we would get the wisest teacher, the Earth’s soul (and the source of life of the Universe), to guide us directly in our development. Experiencing the touch of the soul, and the Earth’s soul, feels liberating and healing. Starting to see and feel the current reality outside of what we learned in our linear thinking ways can open a whole new world to us as if stepping into a totally new reality that allows us to participate in the world beyond the cause and effect in the here and now.


What does it look/feel like to be connected to the Earth?
It is like stepping into another world. We are very used to the physical senses and when we connect with the spiritual and energetic senses it feels like you’ve stepped into a world within a world. From there you experience and see the physical reality from a background from which you can witness what pushes us into action and how things come to manifestation in the physical reality. It also feels far more tangible than the physical reality alone as it ignites and engages all inner systems that can otherwise stay dormant.

Can we have community without Earth connection?
Understanding Earth as a spirit beyond her physical body and manifestations is crucial to understanding our own spiritual processes. Lasting peace and deep purpose are directly tied to this. It will be difficult to imagine a community of peace and spiritual development without a spiritual connection to the Earth. And again this goes far beyond understanding how we perceive Earth’s vegetation, wildlife, food, and physical manifestations of life on the planet. It has to do with accessing the very spirit within all this and deepening our communication and interaction with it.

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