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Film: Foundations for a Culture of Peace

In Production! 

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NEW! 2020 Updates:

Video Series: Film Prelude


We have changed the name of the film from "Future Culture and Community of the Living Earth" to "Foundations for a Culture of Peace"

We also recently made some videos about the content of the film, which is still in production. 

Film Trailer

Where Has Life Gone?

Lief Speaks About the Film

Project Peace

Groundbreaking Documentary Film about Entering the Spiritual World of the Earth and How It Relates to Peace

Getting into resonance with the spiritual world of the Earth is one of the most amazing experiences in this life. It brings the sense of timelessness, belonging, and support. This film is about our sacred relationship with the Earth, the spiritual world that connects us and our reconnection to the source of life and to our own souls. This film is about truth, how we can access that truth within us, how we can see it in our world, and what we can do for ourselves, our beloved planet and all living beings.


Our film will take the viewer on a journey of what it is like to reconnect to the world of spirit through illustrations, animations, and interviews distilled from personal experiences with the spiritual world of the Earth.


Impact of This Film

Our film will reveal ways to shift our attention inward to recognize the inner language of the soul within people and the Earth. The film will also reveal ways to enter this world and begin transforming ourselves so we can birth new ways of living, as responsible stewards of the Earth’s living systems.  

What Will Your Donation Accomplish?

This film will offer practical tools for personal and societal transformation – a prerequisite for peace. This film will also serve as a stepping stone for several of our important future projects. that will help redirect our attention within and birth new ways of living and coexisting that will stream from this sacred connection.

By contributing to this project, you become a catalyst for peace, for without you, this film could not be created and distributed.


Your Donation is Fully Tax Deductible!

Avenya is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We will send you a receipt for your generous donation. 

Funding Needed

The project requires at least $45,000

Who Will Benefit?

This film will benefit all who wish to experience the sense of belonging and meaning that comes from awakening to the spiritual dimension within us and the Earth. It will benefit future generations, all life forms on our planet, and it will support our beloved Earth.

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