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Planet and Moon
Video Series:
Film Prelude

For the sake of our spiritual evolution as souls and the possibility to grow exponentially as we learn how to “become” a culture of peace, it is important for us to embrace our responsibility in our relationship with ourselves and with the Earth’s spiritual world. This means that we have to start living differently, living out of the live experience of us as souls, our relationship with the Earth’s spiritual world and our place in it, and coming together as a community, as a culture from this connected experience. This is a stark difference from the way we live today as society.


In order to help bridge this gap, we came together to make a documentary film, Foundations for a Culture of Peace, that could be a stepping stone in embracing this responsibility and in our process of becoming a culture of peace. As a prelude to the film that is still in production, we decided to create three videos to start the conversation and to start shaping our own grounding towards the foundations of peace. This is a series of three videos.

Video 1: Becoming Peace
Video 2: A New Way of Life
Video 3: Culture of Peace
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