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Andrej Loncar

Executive Director & Co-Founder

Andrej has been creating and implementing projects that embody ways of life that are in sync with the spiritual dimension and the evolution of our planet. Through his training programs and gatherings/lectures, Andrej has been teaching people to accurately perceive, feel, and see the invisible spiritual identity and energetic structure that is an integral part of all of us, the space around us, and the Earth with its living landscapes; and to collaborate with the consciousness of the planet.


  • Taught an experiential training to groups in the San Francisco Bay Area and Big Sur for the past three years 

  • Lectured throughout the Bay Area, in various Waldorf Schools, and at distinguished IONS institute

  • Estate, house, apartment – land and space healing and balancing through attuning with the energetic dimension of the Earth

  • One on one sessions for personal development, soul connection, healing, and stepping into personal power

  • Taught live connection to Earth at a Feng Shui School in Berkeley

Training Programs

     Spring 2017 – Fall 2017 San Francisco Bay Area

    •  Summer 2016 – Big Sur and San Francisco Bay Area

    •  Winter 2015 – Spring 2016 San Francisco Bay Area (advanced training)

    •  Summer 2015 San Francisco Bay Area

    •  Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 San Francisco Bay Area

    •  Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 San Francisco Bay Area

    •  Spring 2011 – Fall 2011 Washington, DC


Experiential Events and Lectures

    • Syncing with Earth’s Soul, March 2017

    • Our Connection to Earth’s Spiritual Sphere, January 2017

    • Access Earth’s Life Sphere, December 2016

    • Earth/Soul/Peace Meditation (every Wednesday), September 2016

    • Engaging Earth’s Spirit Systems & Activating Personal Life Codes (Big Sur), June      2016

    • Enter the Living Earth (San Francisco), April 2016

    • Expression of the New Earth (San Francisco), March 2016

    • New Expression of the Earth (Marin), February 2016

    • Attune to the Living Earth, November 2015

    • Window to the World of the Soul, November 2015

    • Building Resilient Communities Convergence: Discovering the Living Earth – Learning to Live in the Spiritual Dimension of the Planet, October 2015       

    • Earth’s Consciousness & Relationship w/Humanity, July 2015

    • The Maze to the Inner World in us & the Earth, May 2015

    • Current Earth Processes & its Reflection in People, May 2015

    • Infinite Possibilities & Clarity of the Moment, May 2015

    • Cosmic Ballerina’s Terrestrial Dance, March & April 2015

    • Inner Nurture & Regeneration, January 2015

    • Spiritual Structures and Technology in us and the Earth, November 2014

    • Earth’s Soul & Systems of Infinite Consciousness, October 2014

    • World of the Earth’s Soul, October 2014

    • Soul of Spreckels Lake & Its Sacred Ability, October 2014

    • Portals to the Spiritual Dimension, September 2014

    • Releasing the Inner Child, August 2014

    • Deep Earth Grounding Paves the Way, August 2014

    • Earth – Navigating all Streams of Consciousness, June 2014

    • Accessing All “Chambers” of the Soul, April 2014

    • Remembering Our Connection to Earth & Source, March 2014

    • Synergy of Earth’s Dimensions – its Reflection within Humans, February 2014

    • Shaping the Future of Humanity – Soul of Yerba Buena Gardens, October 2012

    • Sacred Alchemy of Life Creation & Evolution, August 2012

    • Collaborating with the Soul of Landscapes, July 201

    • Collaborating with the Soul of the School’s Landscape (Washington Waldorf School), Fall 2011

    • Earth’s Multidimensional Reality & the Task of Humanity – Perceiving Subtle Dimensions of Earth, Our Homes and Bodies & Our Role in the Coming Earth Changes, Spring 2011

    • Experiential gathering for a group of 45 shamans and initiates – Emerging of the New Earth In and Around Us, Spring 2011

    • Collaborating with the Essence of Landscape – Initiating Cooperation with the Spirit World on Earth, Fall 2011

    • Embracing the Soul’s Spiritual Quest in the Material World – World of Iron: Reviving its Heart, Fall 2011

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