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Film: Future Culture & Community of the Living Earth

In Production! 

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Film Trailer Coming Soon!

Introduction Video

Live Stream Video Replay- December 2017

Part One- What is in the Film?

Live Stream Video Replay- December 2017

Part Two- What Are Projections?

Update: We filmed our interviews for the film already and are still raising funds to cover the illustrations and animations. We had great weather and beautiful surroundings. We were on location at Indian Valley in Novato, CA, and a few locations in Oakland/East Bay, one of which was Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve. We have some photos for you! Check out the gallery below!

Film Gallery

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Project Peace

Groundbreaking Documentary Film about Entering the World of Inner Freedom & Peace- Creating a Culture of Peace and Spiritual Development

Getting into resonance with the spiritual world of the Earth is one of the most amazing experiences in this life. It brings the sense of timelessness, belonging, and support. This movie is about truth, how we can access that truth within us, how we can see it in our world, and what we can do for ourselves, our beloved planet and all living beings.


Our animations and illustrations will depict these deep processes and new ways of living that could be born out of that sacred connection. We will also weave in interviews distilled from personal experiences with the spiritual world of the Earth over the past six years. Our film will take the viewer on a journey to reconnect to that world that binds us all together.

The Importance of This Project

This groundbreaking short documentary film, will take you into the world of inner freedom and peace. We access that realm through rediscovering our connection to the spiritual dimension of the Earth, the spirit, and the world of the ancestors. Getting in resonance with the spiritual world of the Earth brings a sense of timelessness, belonging, and support. Through this reconnection, it is our hope to help lay the foundations for a culture and society of peace.


Impact of This Film

Through visual storytelling, personal experience, and animation our film will reveal ways to shift our attention inward to recognize the inner language of the soul within people and the Earth. The film will reveal ways to enter this world and begin transforming ourselves, and birth new ways of living as responsible stewards of the Earth’s living systems.  


Donors are Co-Creating Peace!

By contributing to this project, you become a catalyst for peace, for without you, this film could not be created and distributed.


Your donation will assist people who want to realize and embrace personal responsibility to invest their life energy in personal transformation and peace.


What Will Your Donation Accomplish?

This film will offer practical tools for personal and societal transformation – a prerequisite for peace. This film will also serve as a stepping stone for several of our important future projects. that will help redirect our attention within and birth new ways of living and coexisting that will stream from this sacred connection.


Your Donation – Investment into a Future of Peace – is fully tax deductible!

Avenya is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We will send you a receipt for your generous donation. 

Funding Needed

  • The project requires $45,000

Special Gift to all who Donate over $3000

The Avenya team would like to extend a Token of Appreciation to everyone who makes a generous donation over $3000.


Your support means so much to us. Given our experience and expertise, we have the ability to perceive the health of the land and its influence on the people living there. Our offer to you is to examine your property remotely, its energetic and spiritual structure, its effect on your family, and if needed, balance the energetic grid.

The personal benefits of this type of work can include a deeper connection to the source of life, a sense of belonging on this level, and feeling more energized. This experience can also allow doors to open for future growth, overcoming personal barriers to fulfillment, and embracing our full potential.   

Who Will Benefit?

This film will benefit all who wish to experience the sense of belonging and meaning that comes from awakening to the spiritual dimension within us and the Earth. It will benefit future generations, leaving them with a heritage of peace and culture in sync with spiritual evolution. It will also benefit all life forms on our planet, and it will support our beloved Earth.

Future to Imagine

  • Experience inner and outer peace

  • Create new communities that are united through the spirit that binds us all together

  • Indirectly solve conflict, political, economic and environmental issues

  • Birth new ways of living that emerge from our connection to spirit and the Earth.

  • Center daily life around the conscious development of the soul and implementing new ways of food growing and distribution, a new educational system, and completely new professions that will be needed in a society centered around our origin – the spirit.

A Cornerstone for Future Projects (Arising from this Film)


Living Earth Magazine: A quarterly online magazine with articles reflecting the Earth’s current developmental processes and their effect on people. These articles will provide a gateway into the invisible world of the Earth.

Short Movie Series: Each short film will introduce a new aspect of the fundamental foundations of human spiritual processes, and living in connection to the Earth’s spirit world. The aim of this series is to bring us closer to who we are as a soul, beyond the world of ideas and projections.

Documentary: We will take a comprehensive look at personal and collective relationship to the Earth’s spiritual world, and what is beyond the construct of life we are used to and how we birth new ways of living out of this sacred connection. 

Workshops: Experiential processes of feeling into aspects of your inner world that are relevant for you in this lifetime on the soul level, and that may be manifesting on physical, emotional, or mental levels. We discover how to work with four major life archetypes and how to start relating with the spiritual dimension of the Earth and the Universe.

Working with children: Discovering new ways of relating to children as well as new ways for families to function, relating to one another on the soul level. This process would allow adults to truly see and feel the child’s soul and what the child’s soul needs for its own evolution.

Community Events: To bring us together in new ways as we engage in live communication with the soul of the earth and our own personal souls. These gatherings will foster a sense of belonging as we reconnect to the invisible world and each other.

Animations and Interviews in the Film Will Bring to Life the Following:


  • Human relationship with the spiritual dimension of the Earth, her spirit body that gives life within the physical world – beyond its physical body, vegetation, and associations/ideas we have about them

  • How shifting into the world of the spirit in the here and now gives us access to the greater context of life behind the “movie set” that our human world has become

  • The sacred world of the soul within human life, its interplay with our conditioned ways of living, and the spiritual evolution of the planet

  • What it means to feel how our l