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This month, we invite you into an exploration of your reality, in how you perceive, sense, and live your life in:

"Perception of Reality", an article by Andrej Loncar
"Sensing Energy", an article and painting by April Phillips
"Beyond the Mind", an article by Lief Hollowell

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From our hearts to yours,
Andrej, Lief, April, Barbara & Melanie

October 2021

Perception of Reality
Entering the World Where Life Energy Originates and How that World Can Teach us to Heal, Learn, and Live in Harmony

by Andrej Loncar


If we experienced and saw a more complete picture of reality, we would act and live differently than we live today. We could live in harmony with the source of life, with the Earth, with nature, with the soul, and with each other.

The physical reality that we see is just one of the environments that the soul is in during this life. And what we do during this time in the physical reality has influence on our soul and its path of development. However, we are used to observing reality mostly through the five physical senses. We are used to our physical and logical explanations of truth and reality – in this way we observe physical manifestation of reality, and we stay walled off from further realities that reach beyond the perception of the five senses, and that actually account for the meaning and growth as a soul. As a result, we live in the world that then makes decisions only based on the observation of reality that we can see and touch physically.

However, the world of the soul, the source of life of the universe, and the Earth’s life energy can be sensed and experienced through awakening our forgotten innate ability to sense the life energy within us, the frequency of the soul, the presence and life of the spiritual world that gives life, and the way life then grows from that essential level within all of us, within our natural world, our planet, and all of the Universe. This world can be experienced and observed with our inner senses of subtle life energy, it can be observed through our inner eye of the soul, and through the frequency of our consciousness.

This larger infinite reality of the soul and the spirit world can be accessed through our experiential connection with trees, plants, different bodies of water, mountains, sacred landscapes, or the spirit of the Earth herself. And most importantly, they can be accessed through an inner doorway to the spiritual world within each of us.

How would our lives change if we were able to feel our own soul? If we were able to understand who we are as a soul, what the soul is learning in this life and each day? If we were able to see the spirit of trees, water, mountains? If we were able to experience how the spirit within the universe and the Earth is moving, evolving, and what kind of inner environment it is building and how that is reflected in each of us? What if we were able to learn from the Earth’s spiritual world, and from nature? What if that world could teach us how to live in harmony with one another, how to heal, and how to engage consciously with the path of the soul in this life?

Just like we have personal experience with the physical world through our five physical senses, we need to experience this larger reality and its truth on the level of the soul, its subtle frequency and its ways of communication.

On this path of discovery, there are several things to consider. In order to access the level of your soul, follow your attention into your body. Then, surrender the control of the process and ask to feel the presence of your soul. Allow this process to transpire the way it wants to without trying to jump to conclusions. Allow your soul to guide you through this awakening.

The next layer is to develop the understanding of this inner communication, what it means, and what is it leading you to do. This takes time and patience, but as a result, the world of the soul can open up to you and make more sense of important things in your life, your choices, your learning and development, and life of the soul that stretches before and after this human life.   

person-by Free-Photos from Pixabay .jpg

If you feel stuck in this inner journey, you might want to ask for help. You can call on a body of water, a mountain, a tree, or the Earth herself. Surender yourself to their guidance and be open to their messages.

It might be important to follow the impulses of the soul and the spirit world that come your way as through that, you will develop trust and greater understanding of this reality that gives life.

Making “mistakes” on this path is part of the process as we learn to trust, as we learn the language of the soul, language of the life energy.

Be bold, be persistent, be patient – it is your life.

Sensing Energy

by April Phillips

April Art Oct 2021.jpeg

Our personal life energy fields are bigger than we imagine and they take in information from the fields of other living beings and even from physical objects, which have an energetic signature as well. What are you doing with your unique energy? How is it interacting with the world around you?


Within the span of one day, a person may be many shapes, sizes, and colors. Although most of us do not see the energetic reality, we can sense it. We can tune into what our own energy is doing in a space or how another’s is making us feel, if we pay attention.

As I was making the above art, I was contemplating how each person has their own unique energy shapes and patterns, and are learning how they “fit” into the grand puzzle of life. Some people are taking up more space, or not taking up as much space as others, with their energy. This live energy is constantly in motion, depending on the environment, situation, or emotional states.

In the invisible web of life that connects us all, there is enough room for everyone to “Be”. If one person stretches their energy further out, or contracts it and becomes smaller, the web expands and contracts to accommodate it. There is infinite possibility within the web in how one chooses to take up space.

An exercise to try: Consciously notice how your physical body feels next time you are near a person, or walk into a room.

What is happening in your body that feels different from how you were just feeling before coming into contact with this person or space?

How does your stomach feel?

How does your heart feel?

How is your head feeling?

Do you feel excited, relaxed, or upset or another emotion?

The ability to sense energy around you will strengthen as you practice noticing what is happening internally. It will also become easier to notice what you are doing with your own energy as you exercise your awareness of it.

Beyond the Mind

by Lief Hollowell

eyes-by Bruno Henrique from Pixabay .jpg

Our minds are a familiar place we go to sort out reality, to understand who we are and our place in the big picture. So many things elude us and we have so many questions, often which tickle the imagination and perhaps give us a single string of life that penetrates only so far down within. Those questions reflect our curiosity, and our wonder for the world, they reflect a hope that perhaps one day we will be able to fill in the gaps to the grey areas that do not seem to make sense so we can start to master that which eludes us.

The mind has given us so much, it has given us language, math, physics, theories, hypothesis, and the capacity to reflect on ourselves in both concrete and abstract ways. The one thing I have not been able to ignore, however, is this gigantic blind spot in the mind. With all of its endless meanderings that it is capable of, and its capacity to plan and create in our material world, I notice that there is this one thing that continually seems to elude us- this blind spot that is there waiting for us to unveil its true nature, a blind spot perhaps many of us are not even aware of.

That blind spot, for me, is this grey area, the part of reality we perhaps cannot explain, as in the totality of the moment there are a myriad of processes happening on the physical and mental level as we sense our reality, then in the moment I cannot ignore that there is something hidden, something that perhaps we have missed, and if we start to pay attention in just the right way, that truth can begin to unveil itself. 

In one sense we are almost numbed by our minds, or shall I say numbed by culture, as we have lost a sense of alertness that perhaps our ancestors had prior to 10,000 years ago. An alertness that kept us alive, on our toes, connected with ourselves and our surroundings. An alertness that spoke to a different relationship with the Earth and the natural world. One that was able to speak through our ancestors in a way that reflected an awakening that exists for what we know now as 'special people'. It’s hard to have that alertness to what is present within us and our surroundings when we are inundated and distracted by the mundane, our things to do, and even technology. In other words, we do not need to have that alertness to survive nowadays, it is not a capacity that is selected for. Rather, what is selected for is knowledge of the social panorama we have built, knowledge of culture, knowledge of how to survive in our world, all of which comes with a sense that something is missing, anxiety, depression, and this absorption in technology that, in one sense, puts us asleep. 

We do not need to be able to recognize our relationship with nature anymore to survive, we do not need to feel the presence of our body, our heart beat, our absorption in the moment. In fact, to be able to do that is a rather frightening ability because it means dropping all of the things we are preoccupied with and entering a doorway that is kept closed that leads our attention inwards. To do that challenges all of the things that we unconsciously use to survive in our day to day life. Our capacity to think about what we need to do for the day and our capacity worry and sort things out both reflect our known way of so called keeping 'solid ground' under our feet.

Yet, we recognize how we are predominately unhappy, so then we do things that help us decompress, that distract us, or that allow for dopamine release, such as exercise. But, the blind spot is still there, almost like this doorway to a room that you made a contract with yourself to not enter. Why? Because that room is the storehouse of all things unpleasant, perhaps painful memories, trauma, issues you do not know how to deal with. It’s all buried in that room that you keep locked shut, and since it is locked shut, and perhaps has been shut for so long, it is hard to even think about going there or even feel the presence of this doorway from the outside. 

That’s the tricky thing, the present moment is this place where if you are going to really feel, to experience that alertness, that peace in the moment, it’s pretty hard to ignore that doorway you keep closed. Both go hand in hand, either that, or you have mastered the art of being present and ignoring what lies within. Well, I guess that is the way it is now for a lot of us, but it’s because of that reason that we now have a culture that is inundated with distractions and entertainment, all there as coping mechanisms, this place to help us decompress, to forget, because when all of the commotion stops, when we no longer have to engage in the behaviors and activities that our culture now selects for and we are left in this place where perhaps what lies behind that door may start knocking. This place where perhaps you are in a moment and you find it a bit uncomfortable to be still, and that is because its frightening to start to look, let alone enter that place and address what is going on behind the scenes. It’s because of that reason that we can no longer sense what our ancestors were able to feel and sense. That is now a rather lost world, a figment of the imagination, this grey area of reality that we try to touch with physics or even mindfulness, but it still remains this blind spot that the mind can not see or fathom because it is using the wrong tools to discover what is really there hidden in the moment. 

We all yearn for life, for greater possibility, but as we peer out at the world, at a tree, at the earth using only our minds, it’s a tough place to look from, let alone to see ourselves from, when the door that protects us from who we truly are within remains shut. Well, unfortunately with that doorway shut, our perspective and relationship with the natural world remains limited. It remains this thing that only 'special people' are able to do, without recognition that we can too if we find the courage to step inside and deal with the alarm system that is going off. That alarm system is the byproduct of 1000s of years of evolution, and now of a culture that can barely see beyond the nose on its mind. Why? Because processing reality from the mind is all we know. Low and behold, the racing mind is only the symptom of the problem, this reflection of a greater play we are all participants in as we uphold this way of life that predominantly makes us unhappy.

The solution lies in the stillness of the moment, but in a way that extends beyond just observing the mind, or even the physical body. It requires us to bypass that blind spot or doorway that we keep shut, the doorway that leads us deeper into the moment and our true nature, as that has an experience like no other hidden inside of it, an experience that bridges the gaps of the unknown, an experience that can calm any racing mind. The present moment holds an eternal bridge to our relationship with what lies hidden inside of ourselves, a tree, a river or landscape. A place that speaks its own language perhaps similar to the inspiration that only rarely trickles through. The possibility is there beyond the mind, to begin to step inside that doorway so we can start to face the blind spot within, as there’s a greater story that lives within each of us that we have been predominantly unaware of, one that lives in the recesses of the subconscious, a place with a store house of information that reflects a greater journey yet to unfold.

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