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Dear Friends,

This month, we have two meditations for you!

"Passage to the New Inner Space", a meditation offered by Andrej Loncar
and "Time, Consciousness and Our Next Stage As Humanity", a meditation offered by Lief Hollowell.

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From our hearts to yours,
Andrej, Lief, April, Barbara

November 2021

Passage to the New Inner Space
Meditation for entering new space of consciousness and evolution within us

by Andrej Loncar


This meditation came to me in my deep connection with the processes my evolving life energy is encountering within my body and energy field. Earth’s life energy (which is the basis for our life on this planet) is showing us how to transition from the personal and collective patterns and strongholds of unconscious decision making (rooted in the past and based on fear or unaccounted spiritual and emotional processes in life) to a new inner space.

-     Take some deep breaths and relax yourself within your heart. Then, drop with your attention into your stomach.

-     Remember one thing in your life that is troubling you or that brings frustration or agitation. Feel the feelings that arise fully.

-     Then, ask this heightened energy that you felt to propel you past this space of frustration and into the new inner space that the Earth has prepared, your new inner space that has the capacity to integrate new life energy into daily life. Once you are able to enter this new space, just be present and allow time to fully feel it and discover it.

-     Give thanks to the Earth and the source of life.

Time, Consciousness and Our Next Stage As Humanity

by Lief Hollowell


As we enter this coming period for humanity, I feel it is important to start to make some changes in how we are living. The next step I feel is a conscious inner change that requires us to recognize and follow a new experience of life that starts inside of us. This conscious inner step is something we are all capable of, challenging yes it may be, especially given life circumstances, but that challenge is part of the process and learning that is in front of us.

With this conscious inner step, the context changes from “me”-oriented towards accessing what truly wants to come alive inside that requires maturing. We are used to a “me” that we are familiar with, one that so often mentally and emotionally drains us, that pulls our attention towards things that do not support what is inside of us that wants our attention so we can begin to live more consciously. This does not mean you neglect the “me” you already know, rather on the contrary, it means you go inside to work on that “me” in a way that acknowledges what exists beyond the fringes of our normal awareness that can support our growth individually and collectively. 

 I feel that there is something we can all do… 

-     Take a moment to be still with yourself. In that stillness, enter your body with your attention and move to the center of your stomach 

-     From the center of your stomach, observe humanity within you and the element of time in whatever way it comes or feels. Surrender fully to this element of time and humanity and observe the process that begins to open up to you…what comes alive within you? 

-     Take some time to explore and experience what opens to you as it relates to humanity and our next steps

-     What is the responsibility/purpose you see emerging in your process to discover and access what you perceive is there?

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See you next month!


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