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Welcome to your monthly Earth News!

Every month, we will share relevant meditations, videos, articles, poetry, and artwork to inspire your reconnection with the spirit world within you!

This month, we have:

  • "Action- Through the Path of Life" experience by Andrej Loncar

  • "Giant Sequoia" article and artwork by April Phillips

  • "Identity & Purpose" article by Lief Hollowell

  • "Core to Periphery" video by Melanie Schauwecker

We are reaching out to our community to foster engagement with the live evolution of life energy and the Earth's spiritual world. We would love to hear back from you about your experiences/comments about Earth News. 

From our hearts to yours,
April, Barbara, Andrej, Lief & Melanie

May 2021

Action- Through the Path of Life

by Andrej Loncar


Infinite Universe. Life streaming through the Universe. And meaning, meaning within everything. A small place that is home now, Earth, and this body that we live in. Life streaming through the Earth and through our body, and the meaning that sparks life.

Action coming from this life that streams through everything, and the meaning that it gives to our existence.

Soul within your body, the spark of this meaning, the guide behind action both within the Earth and within you.

We find ourselves deep inside of us. We feel our soul, the soul is on its path in this life, moving forward.  A glass appears on your path in front of you. To pass you feel who you are and from there you see steps on your path past the glass. Go deep inside of you, surrender, allow it to arise, just be.

Once you feel and see yourself as a soul and the steps on your path, ask the glass to mirror all the places within you that you need to let go, to transform, so that you can pass the glass, so you can make the steps that are appearing in front of you, that your soul wants to take.

Let go one at a time where you are holding. Then, feel those places in you that the glass is pointing to, feel how those parts of you want to be now, how they want to be and express in life. In this way you are allowing yourself to become compatible with the current life energy.

Once the process is complete, step through past the glass and take the steps your soul wants to take on your path. How does it feel? How does it feel to be one with the Universe, with the life within it, with the meaning within everything, within you?

Take action, action from this deep place of surrender, connection, transformation, and the place where you just are, one with the life energy that is constantly streaming through you, your soul, the Earth, and the Universe. 

Giant Sequoia

by April Phillips


One chilly morning, I was walking in Volunteer Park in Seattle and felt drawn to a particular tree. I asked permission from the tree to enter its energy field. The tree welcomed me to come closer- I felt this in my heart like a lifting feeling. 

When I stepped under the branches of the Giant Sequoia tree, my heart was greeted by the profound loving presence of the tree and I immediately began to cry. But these were good tears- healing tears. I felt so loved, welcomed, and protected under its great branches. I spent some time just being there, breathing, listening to the early morning activity of many birds sending out their songs and calls and searching for food.

This tree experience made a deep impression on me and I wanted get to know this species of tree better. I live in another state and could not return to visit anytime soon, so I decided to do a shamanic journey with a drum recording to meet with the spirit of Giant Sequoia. In this journey, I was granted a glimpse of how the tree brings in Source energy from the universe and it travels through the tree and into the earth, where its roots “hold” some of this energy inside the earth. It was fascinating and awe-inspiring to witness. I also received this message from the tree: “remember who you are.” 

The painting below is based on this journey experience.

Giant Sequoia Painting.jpeg

Identity & Purpose

by Lief Hollowell


My struggle is one of identity and purpose as I find myself unable to find my place. It leaves an empty feeling inside as I wrestle with feelings of uncertainty and doubt. It’s a struggle that reminds me of the story of Babe. Babe is a story about a pig named Babe who moved to a farm where everyone had their place, the dogs were dogs, cats were cats, chickens were chickens and so on. Babe didn’t know who he was and struggled to understand his identity, his place and purpose on the farm.  Soon Babe discovered he was different, that who he was had nothing to do with what the rest of the farm may have thought. Rather he was a sheep-herding pig. But it’s more than that- his place was outside of the norm of what everyone in the town expected of a pig. His owner believed in him, in his ability to herd sheep, so he entered Babe into a contest to complete with other sheep-herding dogs. No one believed Babe could do it, rather everyone doubted and laughed. It came time for Babe to perform, to show everyone he could do it, so Babe stepped up and showed who he truly was within, a pig with an enormous heart, a pig that believed in who he was deep down despite what the norms were. It was Babe's turn to compete and the whole crowd went silent as they watched Babe gently herded the sheep around the obstacle course. 

Babe's challenge is inside all of us, as it’s easy to hide behind the mask of what makes sense, of what the world says about us. But to embrace who you truly are, what speaks to you from within, to no longer doubt the truth that lives uncontaminated... Nobody can do that for me. Only I can see what’s real within, to trust who I truly am, to understand my own purpose and path.

Core to Periphery

by Melanie Schauwecker

Video description:
The beginning is simply the cosmos in a seed: a connection to the self, listening to the breath, to the sensations in the body. The root that grows is a connection with the Earth, listening, surrendering, and following impulses from there. A moving mandala, radiating with joy from seed to fruition in a circular pattern, a reflection of the cycles of seasons and the interconnectedness of all things. And all the while, the sound of the ocean waves, continuous, ceaselessly ebbing and flowing. 

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