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Welcome to our first Earth News letter!

Foundations of life as invisible essential forces want to manifest in our world! We are reaching out to our community to foster our engagement with the live evolution of life energy and the Earth's spiritual world. Here we share relevant meditations, videos, articles, poetry, and artwork that will inspire your reconnection with the spirit world within you!

Inside you will find:

  •  "Wave Within the Earth" video by April Phillips

  •  "Seashells" by Barbara Mroczykowski

  •  "Reconnection with the Whole of Creation" article and meditation by Andrej Loncar

  •  "Trepidation", an article by Lief Hollowell

  •  "Vigilance", an article by Barbara Mroczykowski

April, Barbara, Andrej, & Lief

March 2021

Wave Within the Earth

by April Phillips

This short video was inspired by a meditation I did with the spirit of the Earth, in which I experienced a wave deep within the Earth moving me. It involved surrendering to the Earth and allowing the Earth to guide me in moving forward, aligning with the rhythm within the Earth, bringing a sense of calm and peace.


by Barbara Mroczykowski


As I listen to waves gently breaking on shore, I watch the shells wash up on the beach. Beautiful patterns and colors adorn the outside of each shell. The shells aren't just shells, they signify our individuality, our passage through life. Shells whose origins are in the vast oceans of the Earth; shells that weather and decompose over the years. With the passage of time, they become pulverized and are transformed into sand. I watch how their fragments reflect the sunlight into golden streams of light. Streams of light that live in perpetuity. Alone I bask in the warmth of their reflection and wonder whether others see more than just grains of lifeless sand.

Reconnection with the Whole of Creation
Pacific Ocean as a Gateway to Experiencing our Place within the Infinity of Existence   

by Andrej Lonca​r


We can experience the full scope of reality only through our inner senses - our life energy system, the soul, and the energetic sensitivity on the vibrational level. Through these inner senses, we can then feel the foundations of life that stream through all of the Universe, the Earth, and our world, and how they evolve from the inside out, through the gateways of the spirit world. 

In my deep connection with the spiritual evolution of the Earth and our individual and collaborative maturing processes within that larger experience of life, I sank deep into the connection with the foundations of life and I perceived our disconnect from the Pacific Ocean. Our planet is one big organism representing life of the soul of the Earth. Every place on our planet is a spiritual and energetic system of the Earth's spiritual world. Pacific Ocean is one of the most important manifestations of this spiritual world on the surface of our planet that reminds us how we are a part of the whole of creation and how our actions and our creations fit within the whole of creation and its evolution.  

When I followed my inner connection, I saw the Pacific Ocean as this important organ and system of the Earth and it is barely connected with our manifested world and how it is reflected back to us. This disturbing realization led me through a process of inner reconnection and awakening of that aspect of myself, led by the spirit of the Earth. I experienced a great need to ground our actions and creations in our relationship with the whole of creation and its evolution and how life then streams through us, through our community. 

The following process came as an opportunity to re-integrate that important part of us into our life:

Relationship with the Whole of Creation

  • Follow your breath into your inner center, surrender to your inner world

  • Ask to feel the essence of the Pacific Ocean in you, its inner life

  • From the point of your center, and your life path under your feet, ask to feel your relationship with the whole of creation and its evolution in you, and notice how it is guiding you to experience yourself, and what parts of yourself - let it guide you.

  • Share what you have experienced with the Earth


by Lief Hollowell


I wander down the path of the unknown, unsure of how to make sense of any of it. My insides ache from unfilled wonders that leave my mind with empty holes. With each step I wonder where my feet will fall. There are always new beginnings in times of unrest, places we can go inside to investigate our pain, to understand ourselves better.

Trepidation fills my heart with emptiness, while the vast unknown carries the seeds to heal. It’s hard to reach, to touch what the heart needs sometimes. Empty corners of my inner world wreak a havoc that reflects an inner learning that only reaches me through sorrow. It doesn’t always make sense, I suppose that is the troubling part for me, and hence another part of my inner world I need to understand. How can I trust what I see and feel? This recognition of this other world within me, within the trees? Is it real? Does it even matter?

I climb down inside of myself to understand the truth. Silence holds me still with untold stories that remain hidden. Not knowing leaves me trepid, unable to move, to navigate. Mystery befalls us, as this unrecognizable truth that pushes me to reveal this place that remains unspoken. It’s a lost feeling that is hard to capture, other then the realization that I am left to its mercy, unable to understand what is real anymore.

There I was, lost in the clouds, this mist within, and then it came, a faint image of the truth. It gave me something to reach for, something that was different, that had no comparison to my waking life. The clouds cleared away and I was left with an empty stairwell that led further down inside of me. At the other end was a blank TV screen with its normal black and white image that TV’s have when there is no station connected. Behind the static I could hear the sound of another message trying to get through, as if from another world in an effort to reveal what is real to me. 

We all carry bits and pieces of a process that makes little sense. For me, it was this conflict within, one created by myself for me to solve. Just one angle of the many mysteries we carry on the inside. This is the work of our lifetime and each lesson learned is one piece of the mystery of reality we carry, out of which comes our greater evolution. My journey inwards has always revealed something important, something unspoken of, an answer that has always held logic as a downfall of the mind that finds itself tricked by the experience of its own separation with reality. 

That is the hard part, revealing what is true to oneself. We all get to participate in our own play, the mystery lies in discovering the story is that is being told through you, the truth behind the curtain that you are supposed to reveal. That inner journey has helped me realize the mystery I carry is only one I can reveal to myself, that it is not a simple answer  but rather it is one that requires me to see things in the way they are, to go through uncomfortable places inside of me, and to surrender to the reality that lies within.


by Barbara Mroczykowski

IMG_4520 (2).jp2

As I connect to our world from my self-prescribed “pandemic-free” bubble, I battle to remain vigilant; avoiding “manufactured” traps that guide and shape our collective thinking. Traps that shroud me in uncertainty and fear as I struggle to recognize what is no longer tainted or fabricated by the outside world.

These traps that unknowingly purge me of my hopes and dreams; slowly eroding my soul; vying to steal my spiritual essence and in the process the innocence and purity of life that is so sacred to all beings.

There is this urge that resides inside me; this subliminal longing for a connection with what is pure, innocent and beautiful; a longing to live in the moment untainted by the confusion and darkness brought upon me from the outside world.

I feel numb to our destructive ways; our lack of compassion and reverence for all of life. I walk down abandoned streets and see people searching for shelter in a world where they remain invisible. I hear the muffled cries of countless voices rising from the depths of my consciousness. When did we stop listening to these cries? The cries of the innocent whom we have forgotten and neglected. In these moments I am reminded of the profound influence our collective consciousness has on our state of being.

I feel how we are now faced with the monumental task of consciously transforming and learning how to reconnect to life free of the distractions that unknowingly steal our innocence; rediscovering how to grow and develop in a way that extends into eternity, that bridges the gaps of suffering around us and that holds us together as a community.

We welcome your responses about the content of Earth News! How do you feel after doing the meditations or viewing videos, articles, artwork? What did you enjoy? Click the button above to share how you received this experience!
See you next month!


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