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Welcome to your monthly Earth News!

In an effort to foster our engagement with the live evolution of life energy and the Earth's spiritual world, every month we are sharing meditations, videos, articles, poetry, and artwork to inspire your reconnection with the spirit world within you! 

This month, we have:

  • "Metamorphosis" article by Barbara Mroczykowski

  • "Solution Now" article & meditation by Andrej Loncar 

  • "Exploring the New Property" article by Melanie Schauwecker

  • "Water-Light Messages" video by April Phillips

  • "A New Train" article by Lief Hollowell

  • "Humanity is in Great Need of Healing" article by Barbara Mroczykowski

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From our hearts to yours,
April, Barbara, Andrej, Lief & Melanie

June 2021

by Barbara Mroczykowski

The cicadas have stayed exactly the same for many tens of millions of years.

Cicada life cycles serve as useful measure of time for us, emerging from the ground every 17 years where they survive on xylem from plant and tree roots.

This year I was fortunate enough to experience part of this cycle in the DC area. The first sighting was of tunnels in the ground from where the cicada nymphs began to emerge after growing and molting. I watched as they materialized from their brown shells, almost completely white.

cicada 2.jpg

The metamorphosis was mesmerizing; watching their white bodies turn bluish black and orange and taking flight. I learned that only the males use their vibrating membranes inside their hollow abdomens to elicit their mating song. A unique sound that captivates and resonates for miles.

The sheer number of males calling at one time makes the sound seem infinite, otherworldy.

00:00 / 00:19
cicada 1..jpg

After mating, the cicadas die and the new cycle starts all over again as the nymphs hatch from their eggs and begin to burrow below ground where they will remain for another 17 years.

The timing of this life cycle is especially poignant this year….as we ourselves begin to emerge, slowly spreading our wings after a year of hibernation.

Solution Now

by Andrej Loncar

water-by dae jeung kim.jpg

Times are changing rapidly, life energy is evolving, our attention is pulled in different directions as things that we "have to" do or take care of await. Our soul awaits as well, as so does the spirit world. Time is passing, the living energy of each moment awaits to be discovered, lived, for us to enter the canoe of life, to release ourselves to the river of life that waits to start streaming through our body. 

If you feel yearning for this connection or if you feel stuck, the life energy is offering a solution:

  • Take a few deep breaths and feel how the breath is streaming through your entire body. Release yourself to your breath. 

  • Follow one in-breath into your heart and surrender yourself to the depths of your heart. 

  • Ask to feel the Earth beneath your feet, then within you. Follow the way the impulse of the Earth wants to spread through you and your life energy. 

  • Then, ask to feel the presence of your soul and release yourself to the soul until you become your soul. 

  • Feel soul's connection and relationship with the source of life. 

  • Then ask your soul and the Earth to show you the step(s), live steps in the now to take (you the soul). Once the step presents itself allow the soul to take it within you, and follow Earth's guidance to your soul. 

  • Then, make the step in the physical reality, guided by the inner step you made on the soul and energy level. 

Exploring the New Property

by Melanie Schauwecker

The Hills Beyond.JPG

In the mornings in this new place, I see the hills beyond the valley below and I say and sing to them, "Hello, hills!" 

When I ask my awareness to sink down into the land below my feet, I see the energy of this place where I'm staying to be like a runner's position, ready to sprint, and I see this runner ready to leap across the valley to the hills beyond. Then I see this runner's lunge image turn into a grasshopper that springs into the air, but insect-me is so lightweight that I'm pushed back by the wind, unable to easily cross over the valley below. 

I sink down into the earth below my feet again and become aware, for the first time, of the hill that I am on, extending behind and above me. The one I have not yet seen, and don't know where it goes. My soul takes me for a ride into this hill - a flight - through the mud below the surface of the ground. It's easy, fast, and fun. 

As I walk outside along the narrowly terraced land at the back of this property, I step onto a spot where I suddenly feel like I can melt into the Earth. It feels so good. I stand there for some moments, feeling any effort melt away as I become soft, almost liquid. I will return to this spot again.

Water-Light Messages

by April Phillips

Sunlight reflections on water feel like they are transmitting a language to my soul. The captivating display leaves me in awe, opening my breath and my heart. In a seemingly random pattern of dancing reflections on the surface of water, I feel a communication that cannot be delivered in words, unique to the receiver who takes these light codes in through the eyes and body and receives a message from the cosmos, the sun, the water, the nature spirits, and the earth…Notice how you feel as you watch the movement of the light.

A New Train
by Lief Hollowell

train-by Three-shots.jpg

Evolution comes only when we step off the train that takes us to where we expect to go and instead find the courage to step onto one that perhaps does not make sense, that does not appease the je ne sais quoi that we have become accustomed to, because that is actually the train we are meant to get on in the first place. The old train is serving a purpose in its own right, to show us that we are in a place that needs attention, because if we do not stop that train, turn on the lights then its going to be tough to get off, let alone to realize you're on one that leads to more of the same. Perhaps if we get on the new one, there may be something within that you recognize that you have always known but and are unable to put words to, to express. That is when you know you are on the new train, it starts to feel different, you have to stay focused in a new way to stay on the new tracks. Those new tracks will push you to grow constantly. Why? Because that is life, life is growth, it is overcoming resistance, understanding resistance, learning about what it has to show you. There is a certain humility that accustoms this if we are able to meet ourselves anew, with fresh eyes, no longer tainted by our old perceptions. The new is always there, present amongst us, to see it is to also recognize the old, and instead to find the courage to make room for the new. 

Humanity is in Great Need of Healing
by Barbara Mroczykowski


The following is a compilation based on a conversation I had with Kimberly Urrea (co-founder of Avenya) a few years back in preparation for filming Avenya’s upcoming documentary.

Everywhere we turn, we see signs that our present way of life is disconnected from the natural world. It is as if humanity has lost touch with the world that is truly alive; a world we no longer recognize and participate with. Instead, we find ourselves engaging with a society that is enamored by an identity steeped in history of pillage and acquisition.

Humanity is in need of great rehabilitation. Healing that begins by uprooting the core of our personal and collective traumas; traumas we are unconsciously wrapped up in.

It’s no wonder that we experience this inexplicable need for our silent cries to be heard.  Cries that serve as a reminder that we are all part of the same fabric and that our individual actions have a ripple effect that reverberates throughout our natural world. An innate calling that attempts to infuse consciousness into our collective existence.

To quote a close friend, Justyna Kisieiewicz, “we come, we conquer, we consume, we contaminate” …and in the process we drive extinction of the natural biodiversity that sustains all living beings. No other species on Earth has portrayed such disregard for life. Just because we don’t see, feel, or acknowledge the pain and suffering humanity inflicts on itself and the Earth doesn’t mean it is not real.  We turn a blind eye as the Earth continues to be stripped of her natural resources leaving a void that cannot be filled. A gradual erosion of her physical being, her soul; her spirit.

Some of us accept this new reality with a tinge of remorse and sadness while others choose to disavow or ignore our present being.

If we search deep down inside, we will hear the silent cries of the Earth’s soul.

With strong hearts and spirit, we can heal and begin to erase the scars in our hearts and through this process resuscitate our reverence and love for all of life supported by the Earth.


Long before the Industrial Revolution, Homo sapiens held the record among all organisms for driving the most plant and animal species to their extinctions. We have the dubious distinction of being the deadliest species.

-Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens

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