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This month we have an article and meditative process for you, prepared by Andrej Loncar called, "The (Inner) Solution". This is a timely process that invites you to go within for guidance on whatever you are going through in your life now.

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Andrej, Melanie, Barbara, April, & Lief

July 2021

The (Inner) Solution

by Andrej Loncar


Our inner world that appears difficult to see is the essence of all life, it infuses life with meaning, it guides our maturing through life, and it is the face of truth – all faces of truth. Navigation through our inner world also offers solutions for health, peace, fulfillment, and greater cooperation if only we can learn how to engage with it, to trust it, and to live with it. 

This inner world consists of our soul (its identity, past experiences, and its developmental path), our inseparable connection with the source of life within our Universe, the life energy that in this life comes from the Earth and her spiritual world, and our physical body’s energetic, emotional and mental scope which is inherited from our ancestral line. 

The soul’s maturing, its overall path towards mastery, is positioned in this life to face exactly what it needs to embrace the steps necessary to grow. 

I feel that at this moment in our individual and collective evolution it is of great importance and a great opportunity for us to learn how to navigate life by learning how to see and feel our inner world, the impulses that the soul is sending and the recognition of what we are facing on our path as clear signs of steps to be taken. It is also of great importance to learn how to experience, through our inner world, the existence and evolution of our source and the Earth’s spiritual world.  

In this journey, it is pivotal to be able to differentiate between the impulses of your soul and the physical, emotional and mental stimulus that come from our learned patterns of behavior. Oftentimes, we will misinterpret the projections of the mind that tell us a different story than our soul does and the physical, emotional, and psychological impulses that we feel are interpreted as signs not to engage with our soul’s path. This is a complex process, but it allows you to start making sense of why things appear in your life, and to start engaging with the soul and the spiritual world directly as guides, offering a much larger scope of life. 

Once we are able to start experiencing our inner world and ride its streams, we can begin to understand the solutions that are being presented to us, the steps the soul wants to make in order to grow, and how that is reflected within our bodies, our emotions and minds as a challenge. These challenges start to dissipate as we start to make the steps the soul needs.  

Discovering your inner world and deepening your experience of it is a beautiful and lifelong process that continues to develop. 

Momentary solutions to life's challenges appear out of this inner process, and as we start making steps out of this beautiful inner connection, an inner movement is created that starts to carry you forward in life. Here is how one can start to make steps on this inner journey and embrace the momentary solutions:

Momentary Solution(s)

  • Follow your attention into your center, usually in your stomach

  • Release yourself to your center as you are aware of your breathing

  • Ask to feel the touch of your heart in your abdomen and allow it to shape your being in your center

  • Invite your life energy from the Earth in this life to become more prominent within you, and feel it as it appears within you

  • Ask to feel the presence of the source of life within you and allow it to spread through you as it wants to

  • Finally, invite your soul to step forth in your center, feel its presence, and then release yourself it to until you feel that you have “become” your soul

  • As you feel the totality of this experience, ask your soul to make a step on your path – feel this step within you and move with it. Feel how the Earth and the Universe respond with you as you move along your path. Out of this joint movement within you (the impulse of your soul supported by the Earth and the Universe), notice the momentary solution for whatever you are going through in your life, or whatever you are working on in your eternal maturing process 

  • You can repeat this experience any time in daily life. It is important to remember to make the steps that your soul and your life energy are guiding you to make practically in daily life 

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