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December 2021

Dear Avenya friends,

In this time of reflection and spending time with loved ones, we at Avenya would like to send a warm thank you from our hearts to all of those that supported us and engaged with our monthly newsletter. These past two years have been incredibly challenging and have touched each of us in our own way. 

Each month we share because we feel that within our collective and individual struggles are answers that involve consciously entering inside of us, to start to discover the inner solutions for the problems and challenges we face. 

We all share this same capacity, as the experience of being conscious is what allows the possibility to enter in our body. Whether it is to work on a personal challenge or to discover our next step in life, it all has significance and relationship to our purpose and relationship with the entirety of life. This greater possibility is always there, within the natural world and us; it is the story that is happening behind the scenes of our daily life, one that when we consciously engage with can offer insight into our personal journey.

Lief Hollowell


Nature’s capacity to endlessly renew herself is compromised. Our footprint is disrupting her processes and ability to support life on this planet. We have yet to comprehend that our basic survival and the survival of all life forms are impacted as we destroy vital ecosystems and the biodiversity they support. When will we realize that Earth’s health is our health? 

It is time to let go of our old belief systems and adopt practices that promote inner harmony and balance with the natural world. Finding that humility and reverence inside each of us frees us to embrace one another and all living beings equally. It allows us to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of our connectedness to everything around us. When we live by example, each of us creates a certain level of awareness that reverberates across the planet. That awareness is the first step in promoting our healing.

We hope that through our sharing and mediations you discover a part of yourself that helps you flourish and embrace life to its fullest. We share our raw emotions, our joy and sadness, the events that bring us unrest or that help us heal. Most importantly, we share our path of inner discovery that guides us through this amazing journey.


We welcome your responses about the content of Earth News! How do you feel after doing the meditations or viewing videos, articles, artwork? What did you enjoy? Click the button above to share how you received this experience!
See you next month!


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