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Welcome to your monthly Earth News!

Every month, we will share relevant meditations, videos, articles, poetry, and artwork to inspire your reconnection with the spirit world within you!

Foundations of life as invisible essential forces want to manifest in our world. We are reaching out to our community to foster engagement with the live evolution of life energy and the Earth's spiritual world.

This month, we have these goodies:

  • "Experience New Life Field of the Earth and Yourself" with a written meditation by Andrej Loncar

  • "Stained Glass" mandala by Melanie Schauwecker

  • "Thames Creek" video by April Phillips


From our hearts to yours,
April, Barbara, Andrej, Lief & Melanie

April 2021

Experience New Life Field of the Earth and Yourself

by Andrej Loncar

Eagle Lake.jpeg

As our planet is transitioning into a new living and energetic space (from exploration of the material reality to the exploration of the spiritual world), the world of humans remains largely unaware of this monumental shift. 

Since our life energy is directly tied to the Earth's life energy, it is important that we rediscover how to see and feel the Earth's spiritual evolution processes that guide all life to this new plane of existence – the one that holds in its core our direct experience of ourselves as souls, our lifelong learning on that level of existence, and our active collaboration with the spiritual world of our planet. 

However, many of our old behavior patterns subconsciously hold us in the old reality that the life energy of the Universe and the Earth no longer support. Because of this lack of awareness, our life fields have become quite dense, inflexible, and hardened to recent meaningful changes in our life energy which makes it very challenging for us to experience and recognize our relationship to the spiritual world.  

As we practice expanding our inner perception and the exploration of the spiritual world within, we can experience the fulfillment that comes from this deep transformation that the Earth is going through and that is reflected within our own bodies.


Meditative Process to Access Earth’s and Your New Life Energy Field

·       As I felt Earth’s new life energy field within my body in a deep meditation, I saw a simple and momentary way to experience this new reality past all our patterning and traps that keep us going in circles.

·       Take your attention into your body, take a few deep breaths, and relax.

·       As you find yourself in your center, ask to feel the presence of the Earth within you (surrender to its touch and feelings that comes).

·       Ask to feel the presence of the source of life within you and surrender to its touch.

·       Then, as you feel the Earth and the source within you slowly rise through your body, and then through your head.

·       When you feel that you have arrived to the “top of your head where your head meets with the bottom of your consciousness field that stretches above your head” bring the feeling of your connection with the Earth and the source to that spot.

·       As you push up into your consciousness field above your head with this feeling, allow the new Earth life field to descend into your body.

·       Notice what takes place, and allow the process to develop from there as it wants to.

·       Give thanks to the Earth and the source.  

Stained Glass

by Melanie Schauwecker


Drawing a mandala is an experience for me of working from the inside out. Moving from the core and expanding outward. Tapping into the inner world to create in the external world. Discovering as I go which design will be added next. A single shape is familiar, and when it is repeated in a circular pattern it begins to take on a life of its own. Cycles of experiences and seasons come into play. I find that what emerges is always beautiful and unexpected. Stained Glass shows me windows to see through differently, discoveries to come through another lens.

Thames Creek

by April Phillips

I recently had the opportunity to visit Dash Point State Park in the state of Washington. I was helping out a friend whose father recently passed away. The themes of life, death, transition, depression from loss of a loved one, and how to go on living, accepting the change and continuing on with life were in the background of my thoughts.

I had been feeling emotionally weighed down when I arrived at the park and, as I followed a trail along Thames Creek, the heaviness began to shift. As I listened to the sounds of the water and spent time at the creek, I began to feel much lighter in my heart, as if the the life force of the water was cleansing my energy field and invisible elemental energies were playfully dancing around the water and me. As I tuned into my heart, I could feel the spiritual essence of the water flowing through me.

This video was the result of trying to capture a little of this and share it with you.

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See you next month!


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