Here is what some people shared about the community gathering from April 1st:

"That was the most profound exercise we did in pairs. The deep dive inside to first connect to my essence and then opening my eyes to connect from that place with my partner took my breath away. Everything felt very diffused with indistinct boundaries. I couldn’t discern where myself ended and everything else began, like we were all fused and pulsating together. I felt an incredible sense of peace radiating in the field and a profound spaciousness and a suspension of time. What a lovely way to be with self and other."

"Thank you for convening such a sweet gathering. The day after the Earth community circle I was reminded of a situation…that needs my attention. Yet, I still felt peaceful and grounded. That became more difficult as I engaged with the many parties and voices involved in this 'closing in…’I had asked for direction and guidance on the mountain, so maybe this is a nudge. Tonight, I looked for alternatives, and am open to change. I loved our harmonizing on the mountain."

"As I was sensing the Earth, I saw light emerge from it below my feet, illuminating the patterns in my auric field. I could feel how some of the patterns were physically affecting me. This light opened a pathway within me to disengage from these patterns and shifted my focus to a central column of light running through me, which was a clear, direct connection with the Earth…I began to release the grip of these patterns…it brought a sense of well-being and the wisdom that I am not these patterns. I could feel my real self again."

"The most incredible experience has been synergizing with the subtle level of Earth’s spiritual life. Entering that world was a unique experience. The Earth guided us how to release energetic entanglement with our learned illusionary world, how to surrender for her touch, and to experience that sacred world in us and the Earth. The bond one can then become a part of brings an incredible feeling of peace. Witnessing and being part of that world is an exhilarating feeling as we are not accustomed to seeing it and let alone being in it."