Documentary Film

Currently In Development!

A short documentary film that includes animation and depicts inner processes within us and the Earth relevant to the discovery of the soul and our re-connection with the spiritual dimension of the Earth.

Living Earth Magazine

Our online magazine serves as a gateway into the world of the Earth’s soul, which navigates spiritual and physical evolution of the planet and humanity. The life energy of the Earth’s soul streaming from the divine source is all around us and yet invisible to our current experience of reality.

If we access the spiritual world within us and the Earth, experience our connection with the divine source, and develop the language to interact with the soul of the Earth, we will have an opportunity to engage in deep personal transformation and liberate the soul to make decisions. We can then develop new ways of living which integrate the constantly evolving spirit of the Universe and the spiritual dimension of the Earth into our daily life.

Community Circles

Come together to experience what it means to live and move with the spirit at the center of life, to engage in work with the soul of the earth, the land, and our soul. These events are fun and push us to move away from our current way of life and enter the experience of live touch with the spirit. We offer a supportive environment to transform aspects of our inner world, to experience aspects of who we truly are, and through this feel how we engage with others. 


Our workshops offer an opportunity to enter the process of soul development with a group of people. What is offered depends on the earth's current evolutionary processes/expression. With the support of each other and the guidance of the earth, we work to transform old ways of being, discover new spaces of our inner world and find the touch of the new earth's spiritual expression within. Out of these processes, we discover more about who we truly are as a soul and our personal path.

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